Ep2: Demonic activity, life lessons and giving away money

This week I’m joined by Prince, a college student who grew up in a remote village in southern Malawi. Special thanks to Christina, Caleb Hacker, and Fire Scorpion Studios for their questions.

Verses on giving: Luke 6:34-35

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Tune in next week for a controversial question about “white savior complex,” fundraising tips, and our pet lions.

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UPDATE: Based on some feedback I’ve received from listeners, I’ve decided to make a clarifying point. I do not endorse giving money to anyone, at any time, for whatever reason. I’ve said no to people asking me for money several times. That said, I do endorse reckless generosity. There’s a tension here that’s hard to balance. Tune in to episode 5 for a more in-depth discussion on giving!

Ep1: Is Africa big? Finding job fulfillment? First impressions getting off the plane?

A very special thanks to those who submitted questions!: Sydney, Maverick, Rebecca, Marco, and Alisha. Thanks for being contributors to the show guys!

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Tune in next week for an interview with my Malawian friend, Prince! We’ll be talking about asking for money, life lessons, and demonic activity.

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