Ep43: A Brand New Show???

In this episode we talk about misinformation vs. disinformation, Tomi and Trevor’s publicity stunt, and Trump’s tweet about Taiwan. 

PLEASE send us some feedback! Leave a comment here, or anywhere so we know what direction to take. What did you like? Dislike? How can we make the show better? Ideas for names? 

Thank you all and it’s good to be back!

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  • Kaivan S.

    I dig it! I found your discussion to be respectful of each other and informative to me personally. I don’t read the news as much as I should, and this podcast made it easy for me to get a recap and discussion of recent important events.

    The podcast was relatable, especially when you talked about fake news in Facebook and seeing your friends’ online arguments. That’s very real and something people our age experience all the time.

    When you talked about Pizzagate, it would have been helpful to lead with a few sentences recap of what exactly happened. I heard of the story through friends so I was familiar with its basic details, but a review would be good.