Ep35: Tips For Moving To Africa


Hi Gret and Prince. I’m moving to Malawi to teach 2nd grade at ABC in July! I hope this can pertain to others that are listening, even if they aren’t moving to Malawi. ☺ I’m wondering what types of things I should bring along with me, the essentials that maybe, Gret, you feel like you needed when you moved from the US to Malawi. I’m also wondering if you have any advice for assimilating into life in Malawi after living in the US for my whole life. Prince, is there any advice that you have for new teachers at ABC, or really for any missionary coming to live in Malawi? Thank you both for all that you do. I know this podcast has been very helpful for me in getting acquainted with Malawi! Maybe I’ll even see you both when I move in July! ☺


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