Ep29: Going To Prison For Abortion


Hi Gret and Prince! A few episodes ago, I was interested to hear about the men’s prison that you both visited. I was wondering, are there women’s prisons in Malawi? If so, are the conditions just as bad for the women’s prisons as they are for the men’s? Do these women bring their children to prison with them or do their fathers take this responsibility? I researched this a bit but didn’t find conclusive answers-so I thought who better to ask then you two! 🙂 Through my research, I did find information on the Zomba Prison Project where women and men are being recorded while they sing in prison. The songs have even been nominated for a grammy award! Once again, thank you for all you do. I look forward each week to listening to your podcast! Keep up the great discussions!


Zomba Prison Project (MUST LISTEN!): https://youtu.be/KdQyKWBi2yw 
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